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Artwork 500x500 - Sadgirl.jpg

Introducing the upcoming avant-garde single “Sadgirl” by Otto Orlandi in collaboration with the Russian songwriter and vocalist Charlie Disney.

Hailing from Italy, Otto is looking to follow up his successful summer smash “You and I”. The track has collected over 100k plays on Spotify in just two weeks and is still performing worldwide on multiple radios and streaming platforms. Not to mention, his singles “Don’t Miss You” and “Seven Days” featured by the multi-platinum songwriter Melanie Fontana respectively collected over 2.6 and 1 million plays on Spotify alone. With “Sadgirl” Otto experiments with sounds in an unprecedented and alternative style, all while maintaining his notorious excellent standards of production. With this track, Otto’s skills as a producer are in full display showing why he has worked with labels of the caliber of Sony Music, Spinnin Records, Armada, Blanco Y Negro as well as his own label O Music Recordings.


Russian Indie-Pop artist Charlie Disney contributes to the production while providing the unique vocals for “Sadgirl”. Charlie is often praised by music critics for her peculiar style known as “Alien Pop” which entails pop tones with deeper and darker colors. Her timbre and vocal range are often compared to Lana del Rey and Lorde’s. Additionally, Charlie was nominated amongst the top 35 most successful musicians by the popular Russian radio Rostov FM. Independent magazine “Indie Music France” described Charlie as an unique character who represents the future of Indie music in Russia. Along with Otto’s masterful production, Charlie’s impeccable vocals are core to “Sadgirl”’s unique Indie and alternative pop dark vibes.

With its release on O Music Recordings, “Sadgirl” marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for O Music as it relentlessly expands and masters different music genres. If “Sadgirl” is anything to go by, the future is looking very bright indeed. 

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