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Mark is a notorious DJ and producer from  has been one of the leading acts in Slovakia for the past years and has recently ventured into the music production business. In a relatively short period, Mark collected a plethora of monumental collaborations. His track with Emily & Justice, “Borovička”, racked him over 11 million views on Youtube. On top of that, Mark penned tracks for the Romanian mogul and star Mario Bischin, and for the Slovak superstar Kristina Pelakova. Voss also has in store an upcoming massive collaboration with the top Slovak rapper Kali. Additionally, his record “Deamons” ft Andrew May ranked #1 on the Spinnin talent pool. Mark’s versatile and effective production is daughter of his  visionary thinking and skills in mixing and matching different sounds and styles. His craft and talent are sure to bring him to the international scene in the near future. 

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