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Otto Orlandi is back on the scene readily delivering a fresh Pop/Nu Disco single titled “Higher” in collaboration with the London- based singer/songwriter Joshua Gregory

Otto finally terminates his year of hiatus from releasing a track to his name, and no better way than doing it with a production of the caliber of “Higher”. Even in 2020, where most music venues and enterprises were tanked by Covid-19, the italian artist manages to convey a vibrant tune on par with his former stellar crafts. With “Higher”, Otto reaffirms his skills and versatility as a producer, a firm testament to why he has worked overtime with the top labels worldwide such as Sony Music, Spinnin’ Records, Armada, Blanco y Negro, and his own O Music Recordings.

Healing from UK, Joshua masterfully provides the
cutting-edge vocals for “Higher”. Studying songwriting at university, he honed his craft from a young age, mastering vocals, guitar, and piano. Though he blends genres, he considers himself a pop artist at heart. Joshua’s lyrics are both ambiguous and straightforward, tapping into themes of love, growth, and self-love. Inspired by legends like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, he strives to bring people together through his music. With every project, Joshua aims to surprise and excite his audience.

Set to release on O Music Recordings,


“Higher” presents a masterful reinterpretation of the disco genre in a modern Pop-House style by two veterans of the industry. With brilliant production and masterful vocals, Otto and Joshua managed to bring a bright light that will hopefully extend for the coming years.

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