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Charlie Disney

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Charlie Disney is a Russian Indie-Pop artist and songwriter. Charlie is often praised by music critiques for her ability to experiment with a wide variety of sound and styles. Charlie is notorious for her Alien Pop style, which entails mainstream pop sounds accompanied by deeper and darker tones with her lyrical capabilities often being compared to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Lorde’s. Charlie Disney’s launched her career in 2014 with her first Single “Chess”. Shortly after, Charlie released her first music video “Love of Fame” which starred the young Russian tennis protege Sofia Danailova. In 2015, Charlie Disney was nominated amongst the Top-35 the most successful artists of Rostov-on-Don in the Music category. During the earlier part of 2016, Charlie had her solo concert tour which covered the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog. The tour served as a major platform to promote her most recent album "I’VENT". Dutch model and TV star Adinda Kennedy purchased the rights to some of Charlie’s tracks as soundtrack for her promotional clips. This helped Charlie’s popularity to grow tremendously in the EU. Additionally, Charlie’s single “Another Code” gained massive popularity in Russia as it was rated as one of the most popular songs of the month by internet music magazine “Indie Music”.  Her most recent single, “Best of all”, made the list of the best songs of the week by “RODNOY ZVUK” music magazine.

Charlie’s craft has been received particularly well by the French public. Independent magazine “Indie Music France” 

enthusiastically describes  the unique character of Charlie Disney’s music as the trail-blazing enterprise for Indie Pop music in Russia. Charlie Disney’s single received the praise of several Russian blogs such “Indie Music”, “Rodnoy Zvuk”, “Svoi”. On top of that, her tracks are regularly broadcasted by Russian and foreign music radio stations such as ROSTOV FM (RUS), RADIO FACTORY (RUS), JAMMONITE (SERB), DI FM (USA). 

On top of being an accomplished vocalist, Charlie is also a songwriter for artists of the calibre of Sound&Fury, Talano, Ph. Deep Rework, D.A.O.G. , Horja, Semenets, Sinister, Miike More and many more.

With her unique talent and style, we are sure that Charlie Disney is going become an invaluable addition to O Music and that she will leave an everlasting mark on the contemporary music scene.

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